Thursday, April 12, 2012

World War Z
 The newest zombie movie that’s coming out is World War Z. “World War Z “is book written by Max Brooks, the story is during an zombie outbreak and it's all te stories of the servicers. Brook’s follow-up to satire "The Zombie Survival Guide". The movie plains to come out in June 21, 2013, the director of the movie is Marc Forster .He also directed Finding Neverland in 2004. The stars of the movie are Brad Pitt (Gerry Lane), Mireille Enos (Karen Lane) and David Morse (Jason). Ed Harris and Bryan Cranston were originally cast in the movie but both dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. There is not that much about this movie yet but what is out it looks like a big hit. Some trivia about the movie is that they filmed it in  the UK including Cornwall, England where the UN control room scene was filmed alongside scenes on the naval carrier. Also filming took place in Glasgow, Scotland with the streets made to look like those in Philadelphia with many American daily things like are vehicles  from the USA. At the moment there is not that much clips the make a official trailer for it yet, all the video chips on the web is different clips of other movies with the same theme. Ill keep you updated on world war z and other zombie media next time.  I hope u like my blog, I’ll see you next time.

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